Selection of Screw Jack
Thank you for considering our screw jacks.
Please note the attention mentioned as below.

Please make sure the following points

This selection system covers the load capacity of 100kN or below.

And the driving frequency restricts the selection since any screws has limited lifetime.
Please understand this system provides the users with only temporal selection
and please contact us to talk about the driving and usage conditions of the jacks
before you make your final decision on which model you would select.

The maximum stoke

of the following models are limited as below even though you can
select longer strokes in this system.

JA002 and JAH002 with Whirl Stop 300mm
JA005, JB005, JAH005, JBH005,
JA010, JB010, JAH010, JBH010 with Whirl Stop

If you cannot get any models from this system.

Please contact us.

If you agree the above points, please push the button as below to start your selection.