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Company History

Jan. 1940 Inauguration of Shinko Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Nishi-ku, Osaka)
Oct. 1963 The inauguration of Shinko Mfg. Co., Ltd., was succeeded by the establishment of a limited private company, Shinko Works, in order to streamline the business. (Nishi Yodogawa-ku, Osaka)
Oct. 1964 Establishment of the Osaka Office
The plant was moved and established in Shijo-Nawate, Osaka.
Dec. 1964 Establishment of the Nagoya Office
Dec. 1965 Establishment of the Kyushu Branch Office (In 1972 became the Fukuoka Office)
Jan. 1966 Establishment of the Tokyo Office
Mar. 1968 Establishment of International Trade Dept. (Name changed to the Global Business Department in 2001)
Jan. 1969 The Nabari Plant was completed and commenced operation.
Oct. 1970 The company was reorganized and the name was changed to Shinko Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Jun. 1971 Merger and absorption of Shinko Machinery Co., Ltd.
Mar. 1972 The Nabari Plant was enlarged to expand production. The storage center was also expanded to improve the promptness of the delivery system.
Jul. 1973 The Nabari Testing and Research Laboratory Building was enlarged and the quality control system was strengthened.
Mar. 1976 The Japanese Business Department was separated from the parent company, and inaugurated as an independent sales company.
The production structures of the Nabari, Shijo-Nawate and Toyonaka factories were modified for specialized production.
Jul. 1976 The new product series "Maxon" was introduced.
Nov. 1978 The Shijo-Nawate Plant extension was completed.
Sep. 1979 The jumbo Nabari Plant was established. At this time, a testing tower was completed and equipped with various testing functions and the quality control system was further strengthened.
Aug. 1981 Sales contracts were completed for the automatic shelving (rotary stockers) sector with West Germany (Leominster Europe).
Mar. 1982 A new product plant was completed at the Nabari Plant. Handling of new products was strengthened, and new-product development and production of rotary stockers commenced.
A "new era of mechatronics" was declared. Microcomputers were actively introduced and the promotion of OA and the development of mechatronics products were begun.
A technology contract in the automatic shelving (rotary stocker) products sector was completed with West Germany (Leominster Europe).
Jan. 1984 Three dimensional measuring tools were introduced.
The inspection system was expanded and domestic production of precise planetary Speed Reducer was begun.
Jun. 1987 Independent domestic sales companies were integrated and established as Makishinko.
Oct. 1990 The Fukuoka Office transferred to a newly built facility.
Jun. 1991 Sales companies merged and the company trademark was changed to MAKISHINKO.
Sep. 1992 Mr. Junji Makimura was named as the Managing Director.
Oct. 1993 MakiAce was released on the market.
Feb. 1997 "Shuttle" (automated storage systems) were released on the market.
Jul. 2000 The JA and JB series, new models of jacks, (Jack Ace), were released on the market.
Oct. 2001 The SB30 Series bevel gear box (an improved series) was released on the market.
Feb. 2003 The compact and light weight JA002 series jack (series expanded) was released on the market.
Mar. 2003 Compact and low price MA25 Worm Speed Reducer (an improved series) were released on the market.
Makishinko Co., Ltd. was awarded ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification.
Aug. 2003 Worm Speed Reducer for servo motors and a low backlash series (backlash angle within 30 minutes) were released on the market.
Oct. 2005 A Hi-lead series (high-speed) jack (JA and JB series) was released on the market.
Jan. 2006 Establishment of the Shanghai Office
Mar. 2007 Screw jacks (trapezoidal screw, balls crew) with low dust specifications were additionally released on the market.
Mar. 2008 The MAH double speed Worm Speed Reducer was added to the MakiAce series (MA Series).
Apr. 2008 SB Series bevel gear box (Spiral gears) with gear ratios of 1:1.5, 1:2.5 and 1:3 were additionally released on the market.
Apr. 2009 SA series Precision planetary Speed Reducer for servo motors were released on the market.
Jun. 2009 Makishinko Co., Ltd. was awarded ISO9001:2008 certification.
Jun. 2010 Establishment of Chu-Shikoku Office (Kurashiki City, Okayama)
Oct. 2013 50 years Anniversary Ceremony in Osaka
Jan. 2016 The release of Aluminum Worm Speed Reducer “MAL”
Apr. 2018 Upgrading ISO9001 to 2015 Certification
Jan. 2019 The release of Inventory Management Software “MAKICAN” for Rotary Stocker and Shuttle