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Application Examples

The proprietary gear technologies of Makishinko contributing to society Makishinko provides reliable support to society behind the scenes through the exhaustive and concentrated utilization of the features offered by our products.

Makishinko geared transmissions exquisitely incorporate our proprietary gear technologies. All Makishinko products include both the realization of basic design principles (excellent safety, high toughness, high efficiency, high accuracy and low cost) and the passionate efforts of our staff.

Makishinko products are at work without rest both today and over a period of many years in a variety of scenes throughout society.

Application Examples

Some Application Examples

Worm Speed Reducer
Welding Machine
Conveyor Drive
Worm Speed Reducer(MA Series)
Car Bottom Washer
Roller Drive
Turning Machine of Pot
Roll Forming Machine
Filter Press
Parabolic Antenna Adjustment
Vessel Hatch Lifter
MRI Bed Lifter
Solar Panel Angle Adjustment
Roller Pitch Adjustment
Bevel Gear Box
Lifting System of Car Parking
Lifting of Baking Furnace