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A dominant jack born from the proprietary
technologies accumulated by Makishinko

Makishinko jacks are available in combinations of multiple
specifications and models, making them applicable across a broad
spectrum including general industry as well as stage, medical
and IT applications.
The possibilities are limitless through combinations of accessories
and the rich variety of optional features.


Screw jacks

Trapezoidal screw JA, JAH, JAS and JTA series
Ball screw JB, JBH and JTB Series

Bevel jacks

Trapezoidal screw NX Series
Ball screw BX series

Jack features

The series indication displays the capacity in order to simplify the selection of models.
Capacities have been increased by 25% or more (up to 67%) over previous models.
The nominal capacity of 2 kN to 200 kN is the same for both the pressing load and the pulling load.
Makishinko jacks use a screw baffle structure for optional ball screw type jacks which has been granted an industrial patent for Makishinko.
The dimensions of the screw shaft end have been unified and standardized.

List of Products

Screw types Trapezoidal Trapezoidal Ball Trapezoidal Trapezoidal Ball Ball Trapezoidal
& Ball
Jack specifications Nominal capacity(kN) 2~10 25~1250 5 & 10 25~1250 2~10 25~1250 5 & 10 25~200 20 & 50
Model 002~010 025~1250 005 &
025~1250 002~010 025 to
005 &
025 to
19 & 25
Screw shaft direction U&D U&D U&D U&D U&D U&D U&D U&D U
Input shaft positioning A,B,C A,B,C A,B,C A,B,C A,B,C A,B,C A,B,C A,B,C A,B,C,D
Reduction ratio H&L H&L H&L H&L H&L H&L H&L H&L 2.5 or 2.0
Screw shaft end configuration C,S,F C,S,F C,S,F C,S,F P (P) P (P) C,S,F
With bellow
Equipped with screw baffle × × × ×
Driving machine Equipped with motor
Equipped with geared motor
Equipped with hydraulic motor × × × × ×
Equipped with gearbox ×
Stroke control device Equipped with counter switch
Equipped with cam switch × × × ×
Equipped with encoder
Equipped with electrical counter
Fittings Trunnion bracket ×
Trunnion pin metal fitting ×
Lubricating system Reducer part Grease Oil bath Grease Oil bath Grease Oil bath Grease Oil bath Grease
Screw section Grease Grease Grease Grease Grease Grease Grease Grease Grease
Features Self-locking Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No No Yes/No
Efficiency Low Low High High Low Low High High Trung bình/High
Frequency Seldom Seldom Often Often Seldom Seldom Often Often Seldom/Often

[Note 1] The lubricating system for the screw section of JA/JTA002 is an oil bath.
●Manufacture available ▲Consultation required ×Manufacture unavailable

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