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Bevel gear box
Miter gears SB・FB・TB Series

Answering your needs with a rich
product lineup and a record of

Makishinko’s years of development has produced high-quality spiral
and straight bevel gear boxes for industrial machinery and agricultural equipment applications.

Hộp số bánh răng côn Series SB.FB.TB

SB Series bevel gear box

High Quality Smooth operation with low noise and high-speed rotation
Compact and light weight Sturdy, compact structure provides high capacity
Powerful and tough Heavy-duty gearing and case designed and built for maximum strength and standard bearings
Wide Range of Line-Up -Available Size 19~85......8 types
-Shaft Configuration 11-83......2 shafts / 24 types
  111-163......3 shafts / 24 types
  213B-233B...4 shafts / 2 types
-Horizontal and Vertical 2 types
[Series SB]

[SB Series]

[SB Series Cutaway Model] [SB Series Gear Set]

FB Series bevel gear box

Tough Rugged Design Built for dependability and long-life where applications are subject to extreme condition, such as vibration, shock and weather.
Compact and light weight Easy installation with maximum durability
A wide variety of options - Shaft layout: 6 varieties
- Models: 5 varieties
- Speed ratios: 3 varieties including 1:1, 1.5:1, 2:1
Select the optimal model for each application.
Applications -Agricultural Machinery (ex. Tractors)

-Industrial Machines
(Changing shaft direction and splitting power)
[FB Series]

[FB Series]

[FB Series Cutaway Model] [FB Series Gear Set]

TB Series bevel gear box

Lightweight and Excellent Durability Baked and coated aluminum alloy cases
Free Rotating Installation Can be easily installed in any direction
Low Noise and High Efficiency Spiral bevel gears with a thorough lap finish and special heat treatment provide extreme smooth operations
Maintenance-Free High-grade grease-filled for long-term use
Applicable to Special Products Shafts can be manufactured with stainless steel for corrosion resistance.
[TB Series]

[TB Series]

[TB Series Cutaway Model] [TB Series Gear Set]
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