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Bevel jacks (trapezoidal screw)
NX Series

NX Series bevel jacks (Trapezoidal screw)

Easy synchronized operation

System design such as the simultaneous operation of multiple jacks is easy.

Optimal for low-speed operation

The driving system has less noise because machinery can be driven at a lower input speed.


High efficiency is achieved by driving machinery with a bevel gear.

Easy to use

Easily select the optimal screw for each application with both trapezoidal screws and ball screws standardized.

Basic specifications
Model 19 25
Nominal capacity (kN) 20 50
Screw shaft diameter (mm) 30 50
Screw shaft root diameter (mm) 23.5 39.5
Screw pitch (mm) 6 10
Reduction ratio 2.5 2
Efficiency (%) 30 30
Max input speed (rpm) 400 400
Stroke 100・200・300・400・500
Traveling distance per
one input shaft rotation (mm/rev)
2.4 5.0
Screw torque (N) 70 280
No load torque (N・m) 1.2 1.8
Starting torque (N・m) 35 170
Reversing load (kN) 10 20
Load at rest (kN) 30 60
Weight (kg) 25 35

●Please refer to the permitted axial load from JA (page E-19, 20) for the permitted axial load.
●Please refer to JB lifetime traveling distance (Page E-40) for the product life of a ball screw.
●NX19 is the same as JA025 and NX25 is the same as JA075 for shaft end hardware. Please refer to page E-25

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