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Worm helical Speed Reducer F/U Series

Torque – 113 to 56,600 Nm, Reduction ratio – 100 to 360, Primary gear – helical, Secondary gear – worm

F/U Series worm helical Speed Reducer features

Orthogonal shafts Make space saving design possible.
Reduction ratio High reduction ratio (80 to 180) with orthogonal shafts
Shaft layout Output shafts are available as single shafts in all models or dual shafts (optional).
Torque A wide range is available from 208 to 56,600 Nm (F Series).
Models 14 models available in the product line from 80 to 500 (F Series)
Series A wide variation of series including F, U, US, AF and AOF
[F Series]

[F Series]

[U Series]

[U Series]

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