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Material Handling Product

Rotary stocker
Rotary Stocker
Automated Vertical Carousel

Effective utilization of ceiling space

Chain drive system to rotate multilevel shelves can help us to maximize the storage at minimum space. The maximum height is 6m and the height can be divided in every 25cm

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1.Outstanding Storage Capacity
1.Outstanding Storage Capacity Up to 42 shelves whose length is up to 3m and load capacity is up to 350kg per shelves
2.Prevention of Industrial Accidents
2.Prevention of Industrial Accidents Operator can always pick and place goods at waist level, and secure from the danger of dropping.
3.Online Control
3.Online Control Real-time update of piking up and storing work on computer by storage management software
Vertical Automated Storage

High Density Storage on large number of trays

  • Optimal and flexible storage by Height detection
  • Less floor space for installation than AS/RS
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1.High Density Storage
1.High Density Storage No more than 3m×3m floor space enables 10m height storage
2.Up to 500kg Load for Single Tray
2.Up to 500kg Load for Single Tray Best suited for the storage of small and medium size mold
3.Saving time for picking up goods
3.Saving time for picking up goods Combination with optional laser pointer can realize faster and more accurate work.